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Few people would argue against the beauty and appeal of gemstone jewelry, but some jewelry makers find themselves intimidated by the thought of working with these precious stones. With Wrapped in Gems, even inexperienced jewelry makers can learn to fashion their own beautiful gemstone creations using Mai Sato-Flores’s preferred techniques of wire wrapping and working with chain. This method allows gems to hang so that light can shine through and show off their natural beauty.
For the jewelry maker, inspiration can be found anywhere, but the exquisite beauty of nature is a favorite source. Take a moment to study the leaves of a tree or plant—the contours of a leaf suggest a shape for a pendant, the perfect combination of colors in the leaves and flowers hint at a color palette of precious gemstones to mimic it. The branches and twigs, the patterns of leaf growth, even the shape of the tree or plant itself can inspire ideas for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Wrapped in Gems shows you how to interpret all that you see in nature to create jewelry with wire, chains, and beautiful gemstones.

New York City–based jewelry designer Mai Sato-Flores is inspired by nature wherever she goes—be it the supermarket, Central Park, or right outside her door. In Wrapped in Gems, she shares the secrets of her work and the natural elements that inspire it. After demonstrating how gemstones and wire can be used to recreate the patterns and designs of nature, Mai provides instructions for 40 elegant pieces of gemstone jewelry from her own collections.

With a comprehensive guide to gemstones and detailed instructions on innovative wire wrapping, chain, and other jewelry-making techniques—as well as an informative resource guide to buying gemstones—Wrapped in Gems is a valuable addition to any jewelry maker’s bookshelf.

By Potter Craft – Random House Publishing