Sample Project



The symmetric design of these earrings resembles the shape of a scale, like that of the constellation known as Libra. Each time you cut a chain, you “lose” a link. But those cut links can be used to make more beautiful jewelry. This design uses the opened links from other projects in this book, such as the Butterfly Necklace on page 109, which uses two closed links of chain and requires that you cut two links.


1 7⁄8″ (4.8cm)

Wire cutters
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers

Two links of 20x14mm hammered 14k gold-filled cable chain
Two 14k gold-filled earwires
3″ (7.6cm) of 4x3mm 14k gold-filled flat cable chain
10 1⁄2″ (26.7cm) of 26-gauge 14k gold-filled wire (soft)
Six 7x5mm top-drilled, faceted teardrop London blue topaz gems
Two 4mm 14k gold-filled jump rings
Note: Natural gems often vary slightly in size. Select larger matching gems to hang on the center, and smaller matching gems for the outside of the earrings.

1. Cut two links of hammered 20x14mm cable chain, or use two of the links that you cut and saved from a previous project.

2. Use your round-nose pliers to hold the cable link at its center, then use the chain-nose pliers to grab an end of the wire (cable link) and pull it over the top jaw of the round-nose pliers to make the shape shown in the photo, left.

3. Use the tip of your round-nose pliers to grab the tip of the wire (cable link), curl it to make a loop and, then do the same with the other end of the wire.

4. Cut the 4x3mm cable chain to four pieces that are each 5⁄8″ (1.6cm) in length. Be sure each piece has 5 links of chain.

5. Use your round-nose pliers to slightly open one of the end loops on the cable link wire, insert an end link of one of the 5⁄8″ (1.6cm) five-link chains, close the loop, and do the same on the other end of the wire.

6. Open a jump ring, insert the last links of the two chains, then insert the loop of the earwire, and then close the jump ring.

7. Cut the 101⁄2″ (26.7cm) of 26 gauge wire to six 13⁄4″ (4.5cm) lengths, and make an Open Loop on each of the six 7x5mm London blue topaz gems.

8. Attach the open loop of one of the larger gems to the center loop of the earring, then attach two smaller matching gems to the outer loops of the earring.

9. Repeat steps 2 to 8 for the second earring.